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The Disability Friendly Community encourages you to sign on to DFC’s Affirmation of Belonging found HERE and initiate your own call to action among your circle of consumers, caregivers, advocates and associates. DFC will be promoting the idea that People With Disabilities Belong in letters to the editor and in our own marketing campaign.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the ADA and push the bar higher, the Disability Friendly Community of the Lehigh Valley is promoting the idea that people with disabilities BELONG!

Belonging means you are welcomed. It means you are known and accepted, valued and appreciated, befriended and loved — a member not by special consideration but in equal standing, a participant by right.

DFC Belong poster image

To speak with a louder voice, the Disability Friendly Community encourages your agency to integrate the theme “People With Disabilities Belong” in whatever commemorations you plan this year to observe the ADA anniversary. Please feel free to use the graphic materials and content which accompany this letter to shape your message and engage your constituents during this anniversary year and in the years to come. DFC encourages you to communicate ways we can work together to promote this theme.

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Lehigh Valley Autism Guide

Metro United Way: the 211 information system online

PA Link to Community Care: Access a wide variety of long-term supports and services available through federal, state, and county agencies for persons with disabilities and older Pennsylvanians

Network of Care on Lehigh County website

Community Commons on the Lehigh Valley Health Network website: Layers of national, state, county, and local data on children and youth, poverty, education, civic engagement, food, health, housing, the environment, and transportation