Housing & Accessibility


Bob Wittman, chair: bob4dfc@ptd.net

The Housing and Accessibility Committee advocates for affordable accessible housing and barrier free public spaces under the overarching goal to make the Lehigh Valley’s physical environment disability friendly. In a spirit of collaboration that is a hallmark of the DFC, the Housing Committee does its work primarily under the umbrella of the Lehigh Valley’s Regional Homelessness Advisory Board, which meets quarterly at the Northampton County Human Services Building at 2801 Emerick Boulevard in Bethlehem. The LV RHAB Housing Committee meets more frequently. The Homelessness Advisory Board is a collaboration of more than 40 representatives of social service agencies, local government and nonprofit housing providers and affordable housing developers that oversee the allocation of federal funding for homelessness programs and to foster discussion and implement programs involving not just homelessness but mental health, incarceration, job access and veterans services. The Housing and Accessibility Committee produced the “Toolkit for Developing Accessible Affordable Housing,” aimed at developers, and coordinates the annual Kits for a Cause campaign, a valley-wide donation drive that assembles backpacks stuffed with personal care items for distribution to unsheltered homeless people.